Picture Post: Easter Weekend 2010

We spent Easter visiting our famlies. The advantage of marrying your high school sweetheart is that it’s easy to visit both sides of the family during holidays. My parents and Sean’s mum live about 35 minutes apart, and since we all get along (our mums actually worked together when we were small), Sean’s mum usually comes down for family dinners.

The pictures really tell the story best though. The weather was perfect for taking colourful, vibrant pictures outside.

Abacus-ing with Grandma JanetFlora and Sean’s mum check out the new abacus.

Sitting for treats

My stepdad makes my sister’s dogs sit for their treats (Leia and Flora are cropped out, but they’re sitting too.)

Easter duck

Say hello to the Easter Duck. My mother picked this costume up for next to nothing at a thrift shop. I’m hoping it makes it to Halloween. The tail is a little dinosaur-esque and it makes me giggle.

Budding musician?

First go at my sister’s piano. We may have to invest someday.

Almost ready for church

That duck (stolen from the bathroom) got me soaked and taking it away caused a mini-meltdown.

I have to mow this *entire* lawn?

Flora discovers that yardwork sucks, especially when your lawnmower only blows bubbles.

Rocking her dolly

Flora is really starting to get attached to her dollies/babies. I can’t believe how early that starts.

Fun was had by all. It’s going to be a great spring!

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