Some sorely-needed perspective

Last week, I started keeping a gratitude journal. I haven’t been super consistent (only a couple entries in the last week), but the perspective I’ve gained by writing down the good things in my life has been illuminating.

The whole gratitude journal thing feels a little airy-fairy and like I’ve been watching too much Oprah or reading too many self-help books (I haven’t done either). However, taking the time to write down five things that went well during the day makes going to bed and actually falling asleep easier.

I started doing this because we had a rough week last week. Flora was sick on two different (non-consecutive) days and Sean and I each needed to take a day off to stay home with her. Struggling with the logistics of who’s staying home (all families with two work-outside-the-home parents have this issue right?) made me question the decisions we’ve made as a family to take care of our daughter. I’ve since gained some sorely-needed perspective and I’m feeling more confident that we’re doing the best we can for Flora by doing what we’re doing.

And I’m grateful for that too. Remind me to write that down before I go to bed tonight.

I’m also grateful (while the feeling is real, the word is feeling overused now) that the three of us had a great Victoria Day weekend together. We worked, we played, we hung out as a family. Here are some pictures.

(click the picture to view a larger version)

Picnic with Mummy at the park

Sean and Flora

Sean is a good swing pusher


Riding her first elephant

Flora and @seanm77 reading a book together

I really am a lucky woman to have such a great little family. And I don’t need Oprah or any self-help guru to tell me that.

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