There is a two year-old running around my house!

Flora turned two on Saturday. It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years. Sometimes the time goes quickly and sometimes it feels like the boring, lather-rinse-repeat parts will go on forever. (For the record, the boring, lather-rinse-repeat parts aren’t so much family-related as they are maintenance and logistics-related.)

The last few weeks leading up to Flora’s birthday have brought small, but noticeable shifts and progression in who this kid really is. She’s been talking quite well for a while now, but she’s really starting to talk in full sentences and answer questions clearly and in ways that make sense.

She has her own little jokes and remembers things someone said to her and repeats them when they talk to her next. An example: Sean’s mum was giving Flora some orange pieces for breakfast. Grandma started teasing her that they were peaches. Flora said “No, oranges” and the conversation quickly turned into giggly shouts of “Oranges!” and “Peaches!” at each other. (At least we know where Sean gets his sense of humour from.) Every time Flora talked to her grandma, the argument could be started again just by grandma saying “peaches”. Sean and I could also get her going ourselves if we started the conversation.

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Princess dress and Bills hatThe birthday girl in her new princess dress and Daddy’s hat.

The imagination switch has also been turned on. It is so much fun to watch her play with her toys now. She’s talking to them and bossing them around. We did some helium balloons for the party and she (and our other young party guest) couldn’t get enough of them, even when they flew away to the ceiling.

Balloons are cool

Balloons are coolFlora and Thomas get a big kick out of the balloons

I know that this stuff is perfectly ordinary and that all kids go through it. It’s still amazing to watch your own kid go through it for themselves. The changes are so big when they are so little.

Here are some more pictures from the party:

Birthday girlThe birthday girl in the party dress that Grandma made. The winter boot accessorizing was all Flora’s idea.

Presents!Grandma really liked that present

TricycleThe tricycle Sean picked out for her. It was a hit.

TricycleThomas gets a turn on the tricycle

Birthday cakeFlora wasn’t sure about what to do with the candles, but she had some helpers to show her what to do.

Everyone has their own laptop nowFlora now has her own (toy) laptop. No one is allowed to press her buttons (since she’s not allowed to press ours).

TricycleTricycling with Grandma the next morning.

Flora and GrandmaI don’t think they were arguing about oranges and peaches here, but you never know.

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