Chores with a toddler

When they want to be, two year-olds are pretty hilarious.

Last week, I went in to get Flora up for the day. I was just out of the shower so I went in while doing up my brassiere.

Flora looks at me and says the following:

“Oh mummy, you’re wearing your pretty brassiere.” (yes, she says brassiere – just like mummy)

I wasn’t expecting that phrase to come out of her mouth, but I rolled with the punches.

“Yup, I’m wearing my pretty brassiere.”

“Mummy, I like your pretty brassiere.”

“Oh, I do too.”

Try having that conversation with a straight face. I couldn’t do it. I laughed a lot about it.

That evening, I decided it was time to wash my brassieres. I was running the sink and pouring the soap in when Flora came in and asked “Mummy, what are you doing?”

“I’m washing my brassieres.” Then an idea hit me. “Would you like to help?”

“Yes mummy!” and she went to grab her stool so she could reach the sink.

I put the brassieres in the sink one at a time and Flora splashed them around the sink. She was a little upset when I would switch one for the next – “Mummy, I want to wash your pretty brassiere!”

“But they’re *all* beautiful. Look at the lace and flowers on this one.”

“Yeah” And washing continued.

Once my brassieres were thoroughly soaked and washed (thank heaven for no-rinse lingerie soap!), I dried them off and hung them on the railing like I always do.

And I was glad that I found a chore that Flora liked to help with. At least for as long as splashing in the sink is great fun.

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