That Day

Ten years ago, I wrote about 9/11 on this site in these entries:

I remember being so scared, and so sad. I read about people’s experiences online. I worried about the erosion of civil liberties and privacy in the name of security.

Rebuilding at Ground Zero

When I went to New York City this spring, we visited Ground Zero and the church people used as a homebase. Seeing the display of badges from all over the world made me weepy. Knowing that people are willing to drop everything and help when someone (or a lot of someones) are in trouble is a comfort.

The phrase that keeps running through my head now comes from a post I read a couple of days ago at Ask Moxie.

Look for the helpers.

Whether it’s a national tragedy or a personal crisis, look for the helpers. They’re there and they will come. You just need to ask. Sometimes you don’t even have to do that.

More importantly, be the helper, in whatever way you can be.

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