Yay! Today I go to my mom’s! I am so excited! Superfun family get-togethers, a day off work, playing outside- it’s gonna be great! I hope it doesn’t storm the whole time I’m down cuz my folks put up a volleyball net, and I wanna play! It’ll be the first time since oh, about grade nine (shit, was that really eight years ago?) but I still like the sport. And I actually remembered to bring my camera along so I could take pictures! I’ll finish off this film yet! ๐Ÿ™‚

Something else that is neat. The youngest of my great aunts is turning seventy on Monday. My sister and I are going to get her a fun, jokey present cuz she is a fun, jokey lady. But I don’t know what yet. I’ll keep you posted.

I should be sleeping. I need to make my lunch for tomorrow though cuz I can’t afford to buy it anymore.

I reserved my train ticket to go to my mom’s this weekend. The annual ladies gathering is then. Essentially, it’s three generations of my mom’s family (no boys allowed!) getting together and getting really loaded, eating lots, catching up on family gossip and getting some really neat insight. We range from the ages of nineteen (my sister) to eighty-something (my Aunt Marge). You’re not allowed in till you’re old enough to drink (which in Ontario is nineteen in case you didn’t know). My sister got in early last year though cuz she was the las of the third generation.. The fouth generation won’t be in for a few years yet – she’ 5-6 or something.

Bah, I better go and make myself useful before I go to bed. Gnite all.

Well, I’m going to visit my family this weekend. It is Mother’s Day after all. My mom is working for most of the weekend, but I’ll still get to spend *some* time with her, which will be nice.

And of course my stepdad and sister too! ๐Ÿ™‚

See ya on Monday!

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