Reason #34512 that I am an idiot…

I locked myself out of the house earlier this evening when I took the dog for a walk. I willfully locked the door even though my keys were still in my purse, inside the house. The door was closed for about 5 seconds when I realized what I had done.

The worst part was that Sean was just coming back from Ottawa today and he wasn’t home yet.

So after Leia and I finished our walk, we got to sit outside and wait for over an hour and a half. I had no cell phone, ID or money on me. Just a dog, leash and our mail. Fortunately, I was able to throw out the bags of dog poop into the organic waste bin that we keep outside.

Sean was amused by the greeting he received in the driveway by his dog and his wife. Normally we have the good sense to wait inside for him.

I was just happy that he didn’t get stuck in traffic, or heaven forbid, have an accident.

I considered kicking in the window or the door, but figured that was a bad idea for two reasons. One was that I was wearing sandals and kicking in glass in scantily covered feet just felt like a bad idea. The other reason was that I figured that Sean would show up the minute I did anything drastic like kick in a door. Then I’d have an injured foot, a cranky husband and a broken door. Sitting quietly outside got a lot more appealing after that thought.

I might have risked all those things if I had to pee though. I live on a corner and everyone would notice if I had peed in my yard while I was waiting. One needs to be thankful for small mercies.

No annoying ringtones yet

I upgraded my cell phone earlier this week. I moved from an Audiovox 8615 to a Samsung m510. I’ve spent the last few days customizing the phone to my specifications (adding contacts, setting up rings/wallpapers, all that good stuff). I have unlimited web surfing on this, so I have downloaded the mobile version of Google Maps, which is useful, even if there are a lot of “allow this site to do its thing?” messages. I did end up helping Sean with directions when he was in Ottawa and I was sitting on the couch here in Toronto, so the program definitely works – I didn’t even have to get off the couch to go and turn on the computer! I imagine this will settle the arguments Sean and I have about how to get somewhere when we’re in the car.

The phone also has a camera and video capabilities. I’ve only done a quick test of the video to see if it works. I filmed the dog lying around on the bed, and you hear me talking to her. I can’t decide if I am a bad director, or if she is a bad movie star. Here is the link: Leia is a movie star

Oh, and the phone reception seems to be good, but I really haven’t made or taken a lot of phone calls yet. I actually use my cell phone more for text messaging and the mobile web than for actual calls. I’m not sure how much the phone’s camera will substitute my regular camera (since both are in my purse most of the time), but it’s nice to have the option for easy and instant transfer.

Oh, and if anyone is interested in signing up with Virgin Mobile Canada, drop me an email or a message here on Vox and I will send you a link you can use when you are activating your phone to get $10 in credit added to your phone. It adds $10 to my phone too, so it helps both of us.

thanks – I appreciated it

I am using this post to publicly thank the guy who let me have the seat on the subway that he had his eye on earlier this evening. I really appreciated it since I had two big bags of groceries.

I’m glad he got a seat so quickly afterwards too – good begets good.

I will show my appreciation by trying to do the same thing for other people more often.

Doing my civic duty makes me giggly

Today was election day in Ontario. We’re voting for our new members of provincial parliament (MPPs) and our new premier. We’re also having a referendum about how to vote – whether it be first-past-the-post, or whether we should switch to mixed-member-proportional (MMP).

Fun fact about me – I love voting. I value the privilege of being able help elect our government. Too bad that my choices never seem to win! But seriously, I think it’s incredibly important to vote and I wish more people felt that way.

But this isn’t why I’m giggly. I’m giggly about what happened at our local election hall earlier tonight.

Sean and I went to the election hall (actually the public school near our house) earlier tonight. We got to bypass the front crowd since we had our voting cards and could skip the registration lines. Skipping lines always makes you feel cool so we went to the polling station in a good mood. We were both processed quickly and ended up beside each other behind our separate voting screens.

That was when Sean got a little silly. He started talking in different voices: “Vote for .” “Yeah! He’s right, vote for that guy!” Don’t worry – I didn’t fall for his ruse. I love my husband, but I don’t always agree with his politics. Then he couldn’t figure out how to fold the ballots. (use the folds they made for you!). I started giggling and I’m surprised we didn’t get in trouble for talking to each other while behind the screens. Never mind that Sean threatened to vote for me just before he gave me my card that he was holding for me. We weren’t looking at each other’s ballots or anything – we were just being silly. By the time we got in the car, I was laughing so hard I could hardly talk without giggling.

This story probably doesn’t translate well in writing – it’s probably one of those “you had to be there” kind of stories. However, the moral of the story is this: voting is way more fun when you go with someone else.

We hung out with people too, but the animals made for better pictures

Sean and I split our Thanksgiving weekend between his mother’s house, my mother’s place and finally my sister’s house. We had lasagna at Sean’s mum’s house, and the big turkey dinner at Kyla’s house, which was a team effort between her and my mom. Food was enjoyed by all.

Leia had some interesting adventures too. Sean’s mum’s kitten was constantly pestering Leia. Leia took it very gracefully, and only growled at her a few times.

The kitten was so cute, it was hard to stay mad.
I'm so tired from bugging the dog all day!


Sean tried on a  mullet wig at my sister’s place:


No, wait. That’s Brindell, the guinea pig that belongs to Kyla’s workplace. (She babysits on the weekend). I think he looks like a walking toupee.


He’s really a walking poop machine though. Brindell later relieved himself on both Sean’s and my laps. He was on a towel, but we think he peed on Sean’s jeans, so he went back to his cage. Fortunately, Leia got to say hello first:


No antagonism from either party here.

We did hang out with people on Thanksgiving. The animals just weren’t as shy about posing for the camera.

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