We hung out with people too, but the animals made for better pictures

Sean and I split our Thanksgiving weekend between his mother’s house, my mother’s place and finally my sister’s house. We had lasagna at Sean’s mum’s house, and the big turkey dinner at Kyla’s house, which was a team effort between her and my mom. Food was enjoyed by all.

Leia had some interesting adventures too. Sean’s mum’s kitten was constantly pestering Leia. Leia took it very gracefully, and only growled at her a few times.

The kitten was so cute, it was hard to stay mad.
I'm so tired from bugging the dog all day!


Sean tried on a  mullet wig at my sister’s place:


No, wait. That’s Brindell, the guinea pig that belongs to Kyla’s workplace. (She babysits on the weekend). I think he looks like a walking toupee.


He’s really a walking poop machine though. Brindell later relieved himself on both Sean’s and my laps. He was on a towel, but we think he peed on Sean’s jeans, so he went back to his cage. Fortunately, Leia got to say hello first:


No antagonism from either party here.

We did hang out with people on Thanksgiving. The animals just weren’t as shy about posing for the camera.

Woohoo! I’m not crazy!

I got a message from my doctor this morning. She told me that my test results were back and that my pelvic ultrasound showed that I had a cyst on my right ovary. Everything else is okay. I need to go back to her in six weeks to follow up, and then I need to get another ultrasound, to make sure it doesn’t get any bigger.

I’ve been through this before, so I’m just relieved it’s not something new. It can’t be too out of the ordinary if we’re just taking the watch-and-wait approach. She didn’t tell me how big it was though, and I am curious about that – must remember to ask when I see her in November.

I’m just relieved that it was *something* and my body wasn’t paining me for no good reason. I’m thankful that the something isn’t too scary either. Here’s hoping it stays that way.


The last time, I had a cyst, I named it Eddie, after the creature on all the Iron Maiden records. It doesn’t seem right to name a new one Eddie, but Eddie Jr. sounds even more silly. Anyone know of any good names for a medical annoyance?

My right ovary is seeking attention in a negative way

Oh! My Ovaries! (Sound file)

I totally get where Bart is coming from.

I went and had some medical stuff done today. The mysterious ovary-area pain is back. Oh hooray! It’s been bugging me on and off since I got the all-clear back in January of this year (see this post and this post for what I had to say about it at the time), but it’s gotten more pronounced in the last couple of months.

I went to my doctor last Monday about it, and when she examined me, she didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary. This is good as it means that it’s unlikely that there is something obviously inappropriate in the area. However, since we don’t know what exactly *is* causing the pain, we’re doing the whole “process of elimination thing” to figure things out. Hence the tests. For starters, I did a urine test after my appointment. I hate peeing in a cup, and I’m sure most other women do too. I don’t know this for sure, but I imagine men have an easier time with that. Once that test was confirmed to be clear, I had to go and get both a pelvic and an abdominal ultrasound, as well as an abdominal x-ray. I did those this morning.

I was smart this time preparation-wise. I only drank half the water I needed to drink before I left the house. I left the house early enough that I could drink the other half on the subway. This resulted in a much more comfortable train ride. I ended up at the clinic about a half hour before it opened so I tried to ignore my now very full bladder by doing the crossword and sudoku in the paper. I didn’t finish either of them but they were welcome distractions. Considering that I was a walk-in patient, they had me in and on the table less than ten minutes after they officially opened. This is much better than the times that I have booked appointments and have sat with a bursting bladder waiting my turn. Getting there first thing was a good move.

The examinations themselves went well. I do wish they’d shown me the screen while they were doing stuff. It would have been neat to see various body parts from the inside. It was also lots of fun to walk past a bunch of people sitting and waiting for x-rays clutching my gown closed to finally empty my poor abused bladder. They were in gowns too so they were probably sympathetic, but it was a narrow hallway, so I hope my behind or my crotch (I don’t remember which way I was facing) didn’t get too close to their faces.

The funniest part of the morning was when my x-ray was just finishing up. I was lying on a glass table, and they had just taken the last picture when the table started to move really slowly. I thought I was done so I asked why I was moving. The technician rushed over and put a stop to that. I asked where the brakes were – turns out she had forgotten to set them, and she was very apologetic about it. I thought it was funny and was a little giggly about it, but I figured the table couldn’t move too far as it was on a track and was attached to some pretty large hardware. No harm, no foul.

I won’t know the results of any of these tests for at least a couple of weeks. I’m mostly not too worried about them, but I am puzzled. What the heck is going on with my ovary? And how can I make it knock that shit off?

Did we walk in on a private moment?

bumblebee-1When I got home from work today, I found Sean sitting on our deck, slouched over in the chair. He looked like the dog had died, so I wondered if anything was wrong. What, me worry?

When I got closer, I saw that he had the camera in his hands. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me he was “watching the bees” and pointed down.

He then explained that he noticed them when he brought Leia back from their walk. The dog wanted to check things out too, but Sean shooed her inside so that she wouldn’t end up stung. Her exploration probably would have been more boisterous than ours and a sting would have been likely. I was also reminded to be careful as I have a tendency to not watch where I am walking.

bumblebee-2We’re pretty sure they were mating, but it looks like there are three bees – a big one in the middle and one on either side. Are bees known to have threesomes? Or were they doing something else? When Sean dangled the camera strap down by the biggest bee, it waved one of it’s legs lazily that made us think that it was saying “Go away already”. Then I felt embarrassed for watching such a private moment, even though it was taking place on *my* deck.

We decided then to leave the bees to their activity. However, when I looked out the window twenty minutes later, they were still there. I just went back out to check now (nearly six hours later) and they are gone.

I hope they got what they wanted out of each other. And that no one stepped on them by mistake after they left our deck.

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