A small start to a new year

Why it’s probably a good thing we don’t go out on New Year’s Eve:

What can I say? Loud noises scare me.

We spent our evening flipping between college football, kid’s TV and old music videos. I didn’t have remote privileges or much veto power so I worked on (and finished) the book I was reading. When Flora went to bed, Sean and I poured ourselves a few drinks and had a few laughs while watching more old music videos.

Today has been lazy, but not a complete write-off. We took down the Christmas tree and decorations earlier this afternoon. I made beef stew in the slow cooker knowing I wouldn’t want to come up with dinner after a long day at home. Flora spent most of the day in her new ballerina outfit and I spent most of my day in my jammies. We’re both dressed now, but she is wearing a summer dress that is much shorter than it was last summer.

A perfect illustration of time moving forward.

I feel like I should have all these grand plans for 2013. I’m not ready to make any big commitments yet, but I’m thinking about stuff. I want to succeed with small changes – and honour those successes – before I proceed  to any major overhauls.

For now, I’ll go with this:

8am #photos12 artwork on my desk at work

This is author Ami McKay’s Pledge for Digital Humanity. I printed this image out from her blog post “I’m Nobody! Who are you?”. It’s on my desk at work. I find it inspiring there, but probably need to apply the pledge outside of work too.

That’s a start. Happy New Year.

This is why you hire a pro to take your family portrait

Flora was home with the sniffles yesterday so I worked from home to be with her.

I started my day at the office so I got to do the cliché commuter thing and head back to Union station and wait an hour for the next train since I missed the train I was hoping to catch.

I may have whisper-screamed a very bad word when I watched the train drive away. I’m a lady so I won’t repeat it here.

After supper, we decided to all have a snuggle on the couch. Sick kids like to snuggle.

Flora then decided we should take a picture of the moment. I took some with the front-facing camera on my phone so I could try to compose them, and some with the regular camera so they were better quality.

Most pictures were shaky, blurry, blown-out messes (see the other one I posted on Flickr – we look kinda cute, but the picture looks awful), but this one makes me smile.

It also reminds me to get a family portrait taken by a professional. When we’re all dressed and not flopped at unflattering angles on the couch in weird light.

Date night for Team Mitchell

Last Friday, Sean and I went to see Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper. I’m pretty sure it was our first date night since we went and saw Tool back in January.

Our dates seem to have a recurring theme.

Sean and I waiting for Iron Maiden

By the way, we may look like thugs, but we’re pretty nice folks. If you ever see us at a show (or anywhere out and about), come and say hi!



My new nose piercing
It’s small, but I *do* work in an office.

I got my nose pierced today.

I’ve thought about getting it done ever since I was a teenager. And at nearly 34 years old, I finally did it.

Now that I’ve done it, I’m wondering about why I waited so long. What was the big deal?

This happens to me a lot.

I am an overthinker. Those of you that know me well know that this is nothing new. When a decision needs to be made, I like to mull it over, do my research and feel 100% good about the decision I’m making. It’s rare that I make a decision on anything significant without giving it some serious thought.

The ability to just make a decision without thinking it to death is something I really admire in my husband Sean. He has the confidence to say “I want to do something”, figure out how to get it, and work at it till he has done it. The guy has a lot of adventures as a result.

I get stuck at “I want to do this, but…”:

  • Is it a good idea?
  • Can I pull it off?
  • Can I afford it?
  • Where is the best place to do this?
  • When can I do it?
  • Will someone come with me?
  • Will I be accepted as a legitimate do-er of said activity?
  • And it goes on (and on) like this…

All of these questions lead to frantic Googling, pros and cons lists and annoying everyone with the “what do *you* think I should do?” question.

All this thinking doesn’t lead to doing – or consciously Not Doing. It just just leads to hamster wheeling.

I got off the hamster wheel today because I was sick of listening to myself dither. I was driving myself crazy. I did some last-minute thinking this morning, but at lunch time, I left my office and walked with purpose to the piercing place. I only hesitated outside for a minute or so and I walked in. I didn’t tell anyone I was going.

I was nervous as I filled out the release form. I got less nervous as the procedure was explained to me.

Then it was done.

I looked in the mirror and was proud that I finally did it. That I made the decision on my own and I felt good about the result.

If anyone has any advice on how to make a decision quickly and thoughtfully, without making yourself crazy, I’m all ears. Or, I guess I should say, I’m looking for what everyone else already nose about decision making.

What family memories are made of

Yesterday started out as a typical summer Saturday — housework, laundry, errands and kid-wrangling. We capped the afternoon off with a delicious barbecued supper of pork souvlaki, peppers with goat cheese and rice*.

By the time dessert was eaten and the dishes were cleared, it was almost time for Flora to get ready for bed. I hate getting her ready for bed right after we eat. It makes me feel like we’ve ran out of time and I’m therefore a bad mother**. It happens more often than I care to admit.

Since I didn’t want to put her to bed just yet, I asked her if she wanted to take a walk around the block in her pajamas. This is not something we do every day.

“A silly walk Mummy? In our pajamas?” (I don’t think Flora has ever watched Monty Python, so not sure where that came from.)

“Yup. Go get your jammies on and we’ll go for a walk. You, me, and Daddy.”

Flora took off to find her silliest pajamas (not sure what the criteria for that was). She asked if I was going to get in my jammies too. I hadn’t planned on it, then I thought “why not?”. So I went and found pajamas that covered all my interesting bits and didn’t look too out-of-place without wimping out and going with yoga pants and a t-shirt, since I knew Flora would call me out and say “that’s not jammies Mummy!”.

When we got out the door, Sean was heading to the car.

Flora was confused. “Daddy! Aren’t you coming on our silly walk?”

Sean’s answer: “Do you want to go and see the lake?”

Our new house is close to the lake. We knew that we could park our car and go down a walkway to get to it, but hadn’t actually done it in the four months we’ve lived here. This was going to be the night we finally got there. Flora and I got our pajama-clad selves into the car.

Less than ten minutes later, we were going down that walkway. There were a lot of people with the same idea, but Flora and I were the only ones in our jammies. (I was doubly grateful that I had left my bra on.)

As Flora ran ahead of us, I whispered to Sean that I wanted to get a picture of the two of them walking together.

My heart could burst looking at them together.

When we got to the lake, we discovered that the park was actually a beach. A beach! I have a beach less than ten minutes from my house! I think I knew this, but didn’t really think about it when we planned our adventure. It was late and we had no sand toys but we walked in the sand, looked at the boats and ducks, and threw rocks in the water. We went home after an hour or so and Flora went to bed without any prompting from us. She was so happy that Sean suggested the trip and gave him lots of big hugs.

Big enough to run ahead.

Score one for Daddy. Unexpected adventure makes for the best family memories.

* Is it possible to cook rice on the barbecue? Has anyone ever had any real-life success with it? Sean has been a barbecuing machine lately and the more he BBQs, the fewer dishes I have to wash.

** We’re doing better on weeknights because I recently shifted my work hours to start at 7:30am and be done at 4pm. I pick up Flora and we’re home by 5:45 where I used to get home at 6:30. It’s easy to get lazy about dinner timing on weekends since duh, it’s the weekend.


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