home alone again.

my kitchen still won’t clean itself.

why can inventors create so many useless, stupid, or evil things, yet can’t make a kitchen clean itself?

I just don’t get it.

I’m in the process of updating my webpage. So far, I’m really happy with the way that it’s looking right now. It’s gonna take forever…so I’ll be up for awhile. Urrgh

It’s 1:26 AM, and I’m not sleeping.

I’ve been really good lately, going to bed kinda early on weekends, but tonight I’m not. I’ve been waiting for Sean to come home for 3 and a half hours – he was supposed to be done work at 10. He’s still going strong.

He said it was really busy tonight. One of his busiest nights ever actually. He sounded happy, cuz he was getting good tips. He said it was one of his better nights at work since he started delivering pizza to the masses. Maybe it’s cuz he is in the richer area of town, where you get more than a 50 cent tip on a 25 dollar order. Who knows?

So I’ve been sitting here, all pretty for him, waiting for him to come home, so we could have a little adventure -“ifyaknowwhatimean.” But now, here I sit on the ‘puter again, my silk panties losing their allure under my jeans, my old man cardigan over my silk camisole. But I still smell good.

I’m staying up, cuz then the dream of adventure will be kept alive.

But I’m getting sleepy.

Hope he comes home soon.

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