For the last two days there has been an occasional cacophony of yowling, growling and hissing as bucKley gets used to his new friend Jasco. Jasco is our friend Andy’s cat, and they both live with us now. The two cats currently sound like that Jingle Cats music that you hear around Christmas time, but with more growling and hissing. No swipes have been taken yet, but they tend to stick to separate floors so they don’t cross each other’s paths. Jasco is cuddlier than I remember him being – I think he likes having people around. (Andy is a shift worker, and lived alone so the cat was often by himself.) I’m worried that bucKley is getting jealous, and we are trying to pay equal amounts of attention to both cats. It’s hard though, since bucKley has taken to spending most of his day hiding in the basement, coming up only to growl at Jasco and hiss at Andy for bringing this intruder in.

In other news, my sister is now married – the wedding was two week’s ago and all went very well. I was her maid of honour, and she was not a bridezilla. Now I have no excuse to not plan Sean’s and my wedding. However, an island wedding seems to be calling our names. (If you know a Toronto travel agent who can hook us up with something reasonable, let me know – thanks!)

Beyond that, everything in my life is same old, same old. Ridiculously busy at work, still taking night courses (my last course for my DTP diploma ends on Tuesday – must do homework!) and my house is still a disaster. Not as bad as when we were in the apartment, since there is more space now, but still not as clean as I’d like it to be. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I can’t remember if I put my wallet back into my purse this morning. It’s not there now, so hopefully it’s sitting in the bathroom (the last place I remember it), but if it’s not, I don’t know what I’ll do. Oh wait, yes I do. I’ll call and replace all of my cards, cancel the ones I don’t care about (e.g. HBC Rewards) buy a new wallet when I get the new debit card and be mad that I lost 12 dollars.

Thinking about it now, I’m really thinking that I did leave it in the bathroom (or maybe the bedroom). .

Fortunately, I brought my lunch so I’m not going hungry. However, it wasn’t a big lunch so I was looking for munchy food when I discovered my lack of wallet.

Hopefully the cat didn’t go on an online shopping spree, or he’ll get quite a talking-to.

Update: wallet was in the bathroom where I left it. BucKley did not get a talking-to for shopping online. However, he was being extra rompy, so maybe he is hiding something.

There was a fire in my apartment building last night. Don’t worry, Sean, BucKley and I are fine.

The fire alarm went off at about 1:30 this morning. Thinking someone had pulled it since I didn’t smell smoke, I tried to sleep through it – semi-successfully I might add. Around 2 though Sean told me to get dressed cuz we should probably go outside and find out what’s going on cuz we were actually starting to smell smoke. As we were getting dressed, we heard an announcement saying to “stay in our apartments – it’s in the underground parking” so that’s what Sean and I did. We stayed up for about an hour waiting for messages saying “everything’s cool” or “get outside before you burn in a fiery inferno. There were a couple of messages, but I didn’t hear them as I went back to the bedroom, closed the door and put towels underneath to keep the smoke smell out (it sorta worked – I had the window open too).

When I left for work this morning there were no signs explaining what happened and no tell-tale signs of fire. (Phew, it was contained.) When I got to work, I talked to my boss who said he heard on 680 News (Toronto all-news radio station) that there was a fire in an apartment building in the underground parking. A car had caught on fire. Several floors were evacuated and were forced to stay outside for about 4 hours. When Sean looked out the window during this time, he said that he saw a whole bunch of buses – we’re hoping they were there to keep people warm. Glad we weren’t evacuated, brrr. Sean stayed home from work today (see yesterday’s post – he’s still not feeling well), and he went to the parking lot this morning to check things out and he said that while his car was fine, there was a huge black mark on one of the walls.

This morning, my apartment smelled like smoke – hope I don’t have to do my laundry again (must get some fabric refresher). We’re also concerned about the computers and the other electronic fun stuff (thank goodness we actually bought apartment insurance this time! 🙂 Sean said his computer was running fine this morning (he had left it on all night), but we probably should get some of that canned air stuff to make absolute sure.

I hope it was an accident and not arson, cuz that would be just too scary.

We went and visited BucKley at the pet hospital today. He is doing much better now, and will probably be coming home tomorrow.

He now has to eat special food – it cost 40 dollars for 10 pounds of it! Yikes!

But he’s my kitty and I love him!

Life has been good to me lately.

I found out I lost four pounds the last time I went to see the doctor to check up on my meds and weight thing. I’m supposed to lose 2 more pounds in a week from Tuesday. This is my goal. She told me this last Tuesday, so it gave me two weeks. I’m scared though cuz I’m afraid I will fail. But the good news made me go out and work out extra hard that night for the first time in awhile. I can lift more weight than when I started and that makes me feel good. I’m gonna go today and get some exercise once I get my sorry ass dressed.

It’s finally warm again! It’s been a pretty messed up week. On Tuesday I wore longjohns. On Saturday I was barefeet in sandals. Gotta love the 25 degree jump into springtime warmth.

I cleaned my bathroom this morning. The battle of the clean house continues…will I ever win the war?

Cut Sean’s hair yesterday. It’s such an intimate thing really. It’s not anything fancy, just shaving his head down to about half an inch of hair. But since it isn’t a business relationship, I can rub his head and get in really close to get the hard to reach stuff. And he takes his shirt off and looks so darned cute when it is all done.

I love him so much. I try to tell him that every day. He makes me happy. Sean, me and BucKley the WonderCat – a real happy family.

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