It’s hot in here. It’s making me tired. Like I’m not having enough trouble concentrating on my work as it is. I’m doing all the boring jobs for the rest of the week. Yuck. 😛

Wonder if Sean did laundry today – I did two loads last nite, and one load on Monday when I found out that it wasn’t working right. It’s a small machine, so I suspect that the fun won’t be over for awhile.

I need a life so I can stop talking about laundry.

Haven’t done much today at work.

Sure I did some stuff, but really, I haven’t been all that productive. Of course, it’s hard to be mega productive when you are pretty much the only person in your office. So here I sit, answering phones once in awhile, leafing through tons of weblogs, checking my personal email, posting on bust and fun stuff like that. Speaking of BUST, the person next to me on the webloggers ring is a semi-regular BUSTie the lovely Miss GajinGirl. Here is her blog.

I keep wanting to redo my layout. I keep seeing other people’s then I realize how much I suck, and that makes me sad. Then I see stuff that isn’t so great and I feel better. That’s kind of mean really, making yourself feel better cuz someone else sucks worse than you. But we all do it.

Should get back to work and actually accomplish something now.

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