Why do I never have my camera ready for these things?

Sean and I took Leia to the vet on Saturday for her annual checkup. She’s healthy, but did not want to get up on the examining table at all. Watching Sean trying to lift her up and hold her there was pretty funny since she is around 50 pounds and all legs. I tried to help, but between Sean, the vet and Leia, I figured there were enough arms and legs in the mix.

The funnier part was on the way home though. We were driving down Gerrard Street and we passed a middle-aged guy riding his bike. This would have been an unremarkable occurrence, but Sean pointed out that the guy’s butt crack was hanging out and we could see almost half of the guy’s behind.

Sean was mean and refused to slow down so I could take a picture and post it on this website. It’s not like I would have shown the guy’s face – that would be cruel. The picture would have been all butt, with some bicycle thrown in.

I don’t know how the guy didn’t notice – it’s late November and it is cold out. There was snow on the ground! Bums just aren’t meant to be exposed to this kind of weather!

Reason #34512 that I am an idiot…

I locked myself out of the house earlier this evening when I took the dog for a walk. I willfully locked the door even though my keys were still in my purse, inside the house. The door was closed for about 5 seconds when I realized what I had done.

The worst part was that Sean was just coming back from Ottawa today and he wasn’t home yet.

So after Leia and I finished our walk, we got to sit outside and wait for over an hour and a half. I had no cell phone, ID or money on me. Just a dog, leash and our mail. Fortunately, I was able to throw out the bags of dog poop into the organic waste bin that we keep outside.

Sean was amused by the greeting he received in the driveway by his dog and his wife. Normally we have the good sense to wait inside for him.

I was just happy that he didn’t get stuck in traffic, or heaven forbid, have an accident.

I considered kicking in the window or the door, but figured that was a bad idea for two reasons. One was that I was wearing sandals and kicking in glass in scantily covered feet just felt like a bad idea. The other reason was that I figured that Sean would show up the minute I did anything drastic like kick in a door. Then I’d have an injured foot, a cranky husband and a broken door. Sitting quietly outside got a lot more appealing after that thought.

I might have risked all those things if I had to pee though. I live on a corner and everyone would notice if I had peed in my yard while I was waiting. One needs to be thankful for small mercies.

No annoying ringtones yet

I upgraded my cell phone earlier this week. I moved from an Audiovox 8615 to a Samsung m510. I’ve spent the last few days customizing the phone to my specifications (adding contacts, setting up rings/wallpapers, all that good stuff). I have unlimited web surfing on this, so I have downloaded the mobile version of Google Maps, which is useful, even if there are a lot of “allow this site to do its thing?” messages. I did end up helping Sean with directions when he was in Ottawa and I was sitting on the couch here in Toronto, so the program definitely works – I didn’t even have to get off the couch to go and turn on the computer! I imagine this will settle the arguments Sean and I have about how to get somewhere when we’re in the car.

The phone also has a camera and video capabilities. I’ve only done a quick test of the video to see if it works. I filmed the dog lying around on the bed, and you hear me talking to her. I can’t decide if I am a bad director, or if she is a bad movie star. Here is the link: Leia is a movie star

Oh, and the phone reception seems to be good, but I really haven’t made or taken a lot of phone calls yet. I actually use my cell phone more for text messaging and the mobile web than for actual calls. I’m not sure how much the phone’s camera will substitute my regular camera (since both are in my purse most of the time), but it’s nice to have the option for easy and instant transfer.

Oh, and if anyone is interested in signing up with Virgin Mobile Canada, drop me an email or a message here on Vox and I will send you a link you can use when you are activating your phone to get $10 in credit added to your phone. It adds $10 to my phone too, so it helps both of us.

We hung out with people too, but the animals made for better pictures

Sean and I split our Thanksgiving weekend between his mother’s house, my mother’s place and finally my sister’s house. We had lasagna at Sean’s mum’s house, and the big turkey dinner at Kyla’s house, which was a team effort between her and my mom. Food was enjoyed by all.

Leia had some interesting adventures too. Sean’s mum’s kitten was constantly pestering Leia. Leia took it very gracefully, and only growled at her a few times.

The kitten was so cute, it was hard to stay mad.
I'm so tired from bugging the dog all day!


Sean tried on a  mullet wig at my sister’s place:


No, wait. That’s Brindell, the guinea pig that belongs to Kyla’s workplace. (She babysits on the weekend). I think he looks like a walking toupee.


He’s really a walking poop machine though. Brindell later relieved himself on both Sean’s and my laps. He was on a towel, but we think he peed on Sean’s jeans, so he went back to his cage. Fortunately, Leia got to say hello first:


No antagonism from either party here.

We did hang out with people on Thanksgiving. The animals just weren’t as shy about posing for the camera.

Did we walk in on a private moment?

bumblebee-1When I got home from work today, I found Sean sitting on our deck, slouched over in the chair. He looked like the dog had died, so I wondered if anything was wrong. What, me worry?

When I got closer, I saw that he had the camera in his hands. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me he was “watching the bees” and pointed down.

He then explained that he noticed them when he brought Leia back from their walk. The dog wanted to check things out too, but Sean shooed her inside so that she wouldn’t end up stung. Her exploration probably would have been more boisterous than ours and a sting would have been likely. I was also reminded to be careful as I have a tendency to not watch where I am walking.

bumblebee-2We’re pretty sure they were mating, but it looks like there are three bees – a big one in the middle and one on either side. Are bees known to have threesomes? Or were they doing something else? When Sean dangled the camera strap down by the biggest bee, it waved one of it’s legs lazily that made us think that it was saying “Go away already”. Then I felt embarrassed for watching such a private moment, even though it was taking place on *my* deck.

We decided then to leave the bees to their activity. However, when I looked out the window twenty minutes later, they were still there. I just went back out to check now (nearly six hours later) and they are gone.

I hope they got what they wanted out of each other. And that no one stepped on them by mistake after they left our deck.

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