I am currently developing a huge headache. I refuse to let it stop me from going to the gym tonight – I am going to start going 2 days a week! I know that they say you should go 3 times a week, but I’m working towards that.

Last week, I bought a book called “Clear the Clutter out of Your Life with Feng Shui”. It’s been a really neat read. It explains a lot about the mental and physical effects of clutter in someone’s life. I haven’t really gotten into the Feng Shui part of things, but just getting rid of stuff is making me feel pretty darn good. Last night I start de-cluttering the bedroom. I got rid of all the extraneous crap on the dressers, brought in my aromatherapy diffuser and the star lamp I got from my sister for Christmas. I also put away all the laundry. As I sat in the clean room afterwards, and read a magazine, I felt really good.

I’ve always known that having a messy house drives me crazy. I’m one of those people who wants their house to be clean, but doesn’t want to do anything about it. So Sean gets yelled It’s silly really, and I hope to change that.

A clean, organized house makes me happy. Is that so wrong?

Not much to say. Things have been pretty quiet in my life lately. I’m going to get a haircut today (the first one since this one) Hopefully, this one will turn out better cuz I’m going to a more expensive place today. I always want the haircuts they have in their ads, so I figure it’s worth a shot.

My life this week:

Been superbusy with work.

Been attempting to redesign melissaprice.com (with little success so far)

Not much other than that.


I’m not homeless anymore. I have a new apartment. It is a good price and not crappy. Life is good.

I need a new tagline for my webpage. Something less smarmy. Suggestions are welcome. I think I’m gonna ditch the background too – it’s goofy. I’ll probably also fiddle with my font face for my text – decide once and for all. (How to be unique and readable. hmm)

But before I do all this, I have to do some boring stuff. Like the following:

  • Work that I’m bringing home (a habit I hope not to keep)

  • Cleaning the rest of the house to the point that I am satisfied

  • Catching up at BUST

  • Generally performing lots of little tasks to give my life more peace and joy.

(I’ll bet the web page gets done first!)

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