This morning all four of my wisdom teeth were pulled. I’m doing much better than I thought I would. The anesthetic didn’t make me nauseous (they explained that it was different than a general anesthetic by the kinds of drugs that are in it). That was my biggest fear, since I am such a puke-phobic. I was in surgery for about 45 minutes (I asked, since time stopped while I was under sedation and all), and all four teeth came out whole. Naturally, when I was asked if I wanted to keep them I said yes, so pictures will be forthcoming soon.

I’m not in a lot of pain right now, but I’ve also taken two extra strength Tylenols as 1 Percoset that I’ve taken in halves separately. My freezing hasn’t completely come off yet, but I’m a lot less frozen than I was so I can feel my teeth, but they only really hurt when I smile. The most annoying thing is that I’m dribbling like crazy when I drink (juice thankyouverymuch) and that my mouth constantly felt full of blood and saliva, and I kept putting Kleenex and my cloth to get all that out, since rinsing is still a no-no. Tomorrow will probably not be so pleasant cuz the freezing ahould be worn off by then and I’ll probably start swelling anytime now. At least I can talk without sounding like a total goofball..

So now it’s soft, mushy food for the next few days – how boring. At least Sean got me ice cream, which we never have in the house. I’m trying not to throw the whole Weight Watchers thing out the window though so I’m trying to come up with weight friendly alternatives to go with the ice cream that don’t totally suck and don’t crunch. I’m feeling a little like Homer Simpson in the episode where Selma takes Bart and Lisa to Duff Gardens cuz Homer is suffering from evil-hoagie love and its repercussions:

Lisa (on her way to Duff Gardens): Bye, Dad, don’t eat any solids.

Homer (standing pathetically watching the kids and Selma leave): But I love solids.

I’ll probably be complaining by tomorrow so I’m going to ride this part out as best I can. At least all four came out so I don’t have to do it again. Oh, and the anesthetic and laughing gas was fun for the five minutes I was awake to enjoy it. “No I don’t feel anything. Oh waitaminute, now I do (insert feeling of tripping out until one of the people working on me said “she’s fighting it” and then I realized I should just close my eyes already).

My parents came to visit Sean and I today. They drove 6 hours to spend 3.5 hours hanging with us. They’re silly but it’s good to know that they love us that much.

happy new year!

It’s not that nothing has been happening, it’s more like I’ve been too busy to talk about any of it.

Lots of things have happened!

  1. I learned to knit, and after showing my first project to both Sean’s and my mothers, they were quite impressed. It was supposed to be a dishcloth (since it is basically a square of straight knitting), but I decided I should keep my first project nice so I don’t know what to do with it yet. Ideas are welcome. My next two projects are already planned – another square (but this one will sit on my aromatherapy cabinet), and a scarf that probably won’t be finished until spring time.

  2. I got a new tooth! No, I’m not still teething, but I have a crown where one of my front teeth used to be. Actually the front tooth is still there, just underneath the crown, and filed down to fang-width. This was done because old Chomper was hit with a baseball when I was 11 and the resulting root canal and bleaching resulted in a gray tooth years after the bleaching wore off. The new tooth looks very real, and I’m very happy with both my dentist and the dental lab that made the crown for me. Hooray for them!

  3. My sister and her sweetie moved into their new house at the end of November. I helped move them and bought them a duvet for their housewarming gift. They are still pleased with both house and gift nearly 6 weeks later, so I assume all is well. She hosted some of the family Christmas festivities, which were very nice, but that will take some getting used too. Fortunately, I’ve turned my house-envy into constructive work in my apartment. I’ve been organizing, cleaning and tossing things out like crazy. I also stencilled my bathroom cupboards and bought some new bathroom accessories to make my teeny-tiny bathroom more appealing. It worked cuz I like being in there more, so yay for that too.

  4. My next course (in Adobe Illustrator) starts early next week. I love working in Illustrator, so I’m really looking forward to improving my skills in it. Writing this has reminded me to check my grades for my other two courses, so hold on a sec…never mind, they aren’t posted yet, even though I finished both courses by the end of November. Bummer

  5. Christmas went well. Everyone was happy with what they gave and received, and that says something.

I don’t have any concrete resolutions, but lots of ideas on how to be better. So I guess just “be a better all-round person” is my resolution. Oh, and to post to this site more. Maybe a redesign will help. Hmm… ideas, ideas.

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