There. A few tweaks, and I think I’m happy with the layout now.

It’s still achingly hot in my office. The air conditioning hasn’t worked since Friday. Since it got hot, that is a problem. I’ve been sweating like mad in here. But today has been quiet, so I’ve accomplished a lot of work, and not a lot of hot air was stirred around.

It might be fixed by Thursday. Yay, two more days of wearing shorts! I love that my office isn’t that dressy anyway, but I’m in my new long Hawaiian print shorts right now, and I would never have worn them to work otherwise. 🙂

Oh my.

I finally registered my own domain name.

No more complicated page to explain – no don’t type the “www.”

I’m nervous though. I don’t know why.

I’m afraid that all the people who link to me will think I am unreliable and won’t link to me anymore.

I’m afraid that I won’t be able to make it work.

I’m afraid I’ll screw it up after it does work.

But really…

I’m just being silly.

won’t you love me anyway?

My mom won’t read this as she is still afraid of the Internet, but I just want to say:

I love my Mommy!

Will somebody tell her for me? Thanks.

Life has been good to me lately.

I found out I lost four pounds the last time I went to see the doctor to check up on my meds and weight thing. I’m supposed to lose 2 more pounds in a week from Tuesday. This is my goal. She told me this last Tuesday, so it gave me two weeks. I’m scared though cuz I’m afraid I will fail. But the good news made me go out and work out extra hard that night for the first time in awhile. I can lift more weight than when I started and that makes me feel good. I’m gonna go today and get some exercise once I get my sorry ass dressed.

It’s finally warm again! It’s been a pretty messed up week. On Tuesday I wore longjohns. On Saturday I was barefeet in sandals. Gotta love the 25 degree jump into springtime warmth.

I cleaned my bathroom this morning. The battle of the clean house continues…will I ever win the war?

Cut Sean’s hair yesterday. It’s such an intimate thing really. It’s not anything fancy, just shaving his head down to about half an inch of hair. But since it isn’t a business relationship, I can rub his head and get in really close to get the hard to reach stuff. And he takes his shirt off and looks so darned cute when it is all done.

I love him so much. I try to tell him that every day. He makes me happy. Sean, me and BucKley the WonderCat – a real happy family.

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