Hey neat! According to the Cyborger, my cyborg name would be Mechanical Electronic Lifeform Intended for Sabotage and Scientific Assassination. Tell me that’s not cool!

It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day today! That makes me very happy.

Turns out the 24 hour Home Depot was closed yesterday. Sean said there was security there and everything. Go figure. So, no laundry was done last night. We need to go tonight – I’m out of full seated underpants and am not in the mood for thongs!

My house is still clean! And I’ve been home for more than 10 minutes!

My mom brought me a washing machine that hooks up to my kitchen sink today! Yay! No more laundormat! Only problem was that the hose end that screws onto the tap was too big. So I sent Sean to the 24 hour Home Depot to get an adapter for it. I’m afraid cuz a) it will be closed (it is Easter Sunday after all), and that b) he will get the wrong thing. Like the old cliche sez: “When you want something done right, do it yourself.” Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Mom also left me some chives for my soon to be herb garden (I haven’t gotten the rest of the plants yet). I got them transplanted into their new home, and I hope they do well, as I seem to be a notorious plant killer. My herbs from last year did pretty well though – guess it was just because I like to eat, and used them a lot.

I’m also going to fill my flower garden this year. Gonna get some plants that I can’t kill and go with that. Suggestions are welcome.

I think I’m getting sick.

Sean had a cold last week, with a sore throat, a pitiful little cough, and a sniffly nose. I’ve got the sore throat. My nose is sorta acting up, but it’s nothing to complain about.

He was really sweet to me last night. He fell asleep on the couch, then woke up and came to bed at 3:30 AM. I woke up, swallowed, and realized that my throat was *really* sore. Sean then gave me one of his Halls and got me a glass of water. All at 3:30 AM. Whatta nice boy!

So this morning, I put some of the sore throat oil I made on my neck. I practice aromatherapy (but not nearly enough). It really helps. And the jojoba oil that I put the essential oils in makes my skin soft. I used geranium & eucalyptus – geranium for the throat and eucalyptus for the nose. I also turned to conventional medicine and bought some Dequadin lozenges, which I’ve never used before. They actually don’t taste too bad, for being antibacterial and antifungal. You get twenty of them in a tube for about 4 bucks, so since they are more medicinal than Halls, that is a pretty good deal. At least now I can swallow and not wince.

Back to work now. My easy week is over now, cuz the big project that has to be done by tomorrow is now ready for my hot little hands. (I just took a break from it now to write) Toodle oo.

It’s 1:26 AM, and I’m not sleeping.

I’ve been really good lately, going to bed kinda early on weekends, but tonight I’m not. I’ve been waiting for Sean to come home for 3 and a half hours – he was supposed to be done work at 10. He’s still going strong.

He said it was really busy tonight. One of his busiest nights ever actually. He sounded happy, cuz he was getting good tips. He said it was one of his better nights at work since he started delivering pizza to the masses. Maybe it’s cuz he is in the richer area of town, where you get more than a 50 cent tip on a 25 dollar order. Who knows?

So I’ve been sitting here, all pretty for him, waiting for him to come home, so we could have a little adventure -“ifyaknowwhatimean.” But now, here I sit on the ‘puter again, my silk panties losing their allure under my jeans, my old man cardigan over my silk camisole. But I still smell good.

I’m staying up, cuz then the dream of adventure will be kept alive.

But I’m getting sleepy.

Hope he comes home soon.

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