Valentine’s Day as a Family

Sean gets a ValentineCelebrating Valentine’s Day as a family is way more fun that celebrating as a couple.

Watching Flora colour a Valentine for Sean is so much nicer than agonizing in the card store over the right funny/loving card that is going to be looked at for five minutes at most.

Flora doesn’t really get that once she gives the Valentine away, it’s not hers anymore. She was quite annoyed when we suggested that Sean take it to work to put in his office. Then she held it over her head and called it an umbrella.

My girl has  plenty of imagination.

Sunday morning, I cut the Valentine out, wrote inscriptions on the front and inside and had Flora colour it. Once she was done I asked her if she wanted to give it to Daddy “today, or tomorrow?”.

“Tomorrow”, she replied, as if I was crazy to even consider giving him his Valentine early.

We hid the Valentine in her toys and I told her we had to try not to forget to give it to Daddy tomorrow.

Five minutes later, she found it again and ran it over to Sean.

Then she took it back.

She’ll probably give it to him ten times by the time she goes to bed tonight.

Five minutes with the scissors, a piece of pink paper and some crayons provided way more entertainment value than any Valentine-themed gift could bring over the last two days.

They are both my Valentines, but I didn’t need a made-up holiday to remind me how much I love them.

(Click the picture for a larger version of it. Taken with my iPhone and processed with the Diptic app.)

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