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Good luck to all of you. Even if, Blogger is an entity of one now, you all made it what it was. That may sound facetious, but I’m talking way more than lines of code here. You guys made it a community, and that is something very special. Many web communities are just a bunch of people yelling at each other, and Blogger just felt like conversation. Does that make sense?

Well, I just heard on the radio this morning that the case against Slayer was thrown out of court. I have been thinking about this, and I think that is good. This is not to say that the crime committed wasn’t horrific, because it certainly was, but the killers confessed long ago, and are serving their jail terms.

And I just don’t believe the theory that “we are the product of our media”. Our choices in television, music, books and web materials may make us think of things we wouldn’t have thought of on our own, but blaming a band for your crime is reprehensible and asinine. Not to mention cowardly. What’s next? A murdered gang member’s parents suing Puff Daddy or Eminem or some other gangsta rapper because “they carry guns so my child did too.”

My condolences to the families and loved ones involved in this tragedy. I hope the killers never get out of jail.

Hmm, my page isn’t updating properly here at work. It usually does.

I guess it’s a sign to buckle down and work!

If you can see this message, please mail me, so I know that it’s my computer and not my web host. Thanks so much.

I need a new tagline for my webpage. Something less smarmy. Suggestions are welcome. I think I’m gonna ditch the background too – it’s goofy. I’ll probably also fiddle with my font face for my text – decide once and for all. (How to be unique and readable. hmm)

But before I do all this, I have to do some boring stuff. Like the following:

  • Work that I’m bringing home (a habit I hope not to keep)

  • Cleaning the rest of the house to the point that I am satisfied

  • Catching up at BUST

  • Generally performing lots of little tasks to give my life more peace and joy.

(I’ll bet the web page gets done first!)

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