I’ve done a few things since I wrote my post on the winter blues that have really improved my mood.

I bought an energy light and have been using it for a couple of weeks. I’ve noticed that I’m sleeping better and my overall mood is better than it was earlier in the winter. I’ve been using it at work during the first half an hour of the day. It’s been such an unobtrusive, easy thing to use and while the results are subtle, they are noticeable.

I’ve also maintained my commitment to getting dressed on the weekend. My weekend clothes aren’t much fancier than pajamas, but they aren’t pajamas and the ritual of getting dressed in clothes I can go outside in takes away the sad, sloth-like feelings I end up with on Sunday nights after a day – or weekend – without getting dressed or accomplishing anything.

Speaking of accomplishing, I’m also trying to accomplish something every day that is outside of the routine stuff I have to do. It’s usually something small, but whether it’s a chore I’ve been putting off, or something I struggle to find the time to do, I’m making the effort.

Because I am worth the effort. Realizing that has been a big mood lifter too.

How I deal with the winter blues

Getting dressed on the weekends really makes a difference to my mood.

Even if I’m only going from my pajamas to my grubbies – the clothes I wear when I don’t have to go anywhere fancier than Walmart. The act of putting on clean, presentable clothes including fresh undergarments makes such a difference to my outlook on my day.

Maybe it’s the fact that there is sunshine streaming through my windows after weeks of dark days, or that I’ve caught up with the dishes, or that I’ve started reading another book (Room by Emma Donoghue). But after several weeks of feeling dark, dreary and (dare I say) depressed, my mood is a little perkier today. Everything feels a little more manageable and small setbacks don’t make me want to take to my bed.

Naturally, as I was writing this, I interrupted myself to look at SAD lights. I don’t personally know of anyone who has used one but I’m very intrigued by them. I’ve never heard anyone say that light therapy is a sham. I also know that I’m cheerier when the sun is shining, so a light may be worth investing in.

Have you used a SAD lamp? Does it help? Which one do you use? Any comments with advice or recommendations are welcome.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to get dressed seven days a week.

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