Well, the freezing is finally gone. Now I can drink without dribbling and talk properly. I could actually talk fairly well by mid-afternoon yesterday, but it’s nice that my lip no longer feels like it’s twice as big as my head.

I’ve stopped bleeding, but I seem to be tasting a lot of blood, but that’s from the blood clots that are healing so that’s a good sign. The stitches aren’t making me crazy yet, but I’m sure they will be when my mouth stops hurting. Speaking of hurting, I just took an extra strength Tylenol and a full Percoset around an hour ago and my teeth are still uncomfortable. I think the rest of me feels a little loopy but I can’t tell. I’ll probably have to have a nap later, but right now it’s ice cream time since that’s the only soft and mushy stuff that in the house appeals to me right now. (although applesauce is good too). If it wasn’t so yucky out, I would go to the grocery store and find more things that are mushy but taste good.

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