now that i should be asleep so i can be pleasant for work tomorrow, i can’t seem to close my eyes. listening to sean pseudo-snore beside me was too cruel so i got out of bed again. i try not to be one of those lifepartners who wakes up the other one just to say “i can’t sleep” but i really, really want to right now. That’ll teach him for going to bed at a sensible hour after working all day when i’ve been home napping and not doing much of anything of substance.

my teeth are feeling much better – one side is a little achy, but nothing i can’t handle. i’m still eating soft foods but they are getting more solid as the hours progress. many thanks to everyone who called, emailled and left comments on the site – your thoughts were mucho appreciated.

i’m definitely going back to work tomorrow. the dentist wrote me a note that said i could be legitimately excused till friday but that would eat all of my sick days for the year, and while i rarely use ’em, i feel better if i have some just in case i have to go to a funeral or something. i’m rather liking this whole lie around the house thing, but if i did it full time, i imagine sean would expect me to clean it more thoroughly and that’s a whole can of worms i choose not to open. never mind the little fact that i can’t afford to be a lady of leisure cuz then the rent wouldn’t get paid.

time to try going to sleep again.

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