Working till 9 PM when you are a office drone is not fun. At least I can feel subversive by blasting loud music out loud at my desk. I can’t even claim all of it as OT cuz I have to go have an ultrasound on Wednesday morning and I’ll be late for work.

Don’t worry, I’m not pregnant. My doctor’s office phoned me last week saying that my doctor wanted me to get an ultrasound cuz the blood test results from my physical said that certain levels of stuff that have something to do with my liver were up. Before the decision of ultrasound, I had to give more blood first to see if my liver was still being strange, which evidently it was. I was told to get a follow up appointment with my doctor after I had these tests, and I have made the appointment, but I’m a little frustrated that I’m getting all these tests done without really knowing why or *what they could indicate*. Unless I’m the first or second appointment of the day at my doctor’s office, I end up waiting for at least 45 minutes to an hour and a half past my appointment time, and then they tell me they don’t have time to have my full appointment and that makes me insane. I understand why (all the other patients are sicker than me), but it still makes me crazy.

I’m not as worried as I first was – I feel absolutely normal (read: fine), and I’m not yellow from jaundice or anything, and I haven’t been going on benders, so I think my liver is just being ornery for attention-getting purposes. I’d poke it but then it would swell up more and that would fuck up the ultrasound even more. And that would be silly.

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