i had my first wedding anxiety dream last night. Of course, it was about my sister’s wedding and not my own.

We were getting ready, and my mother decided that I needed to wear a headpiece resembling a swimcap made of fake flowers on my head. This was attached to my hair with bobby pins, which I painfully discovered when I ripped it off yelling “Why would I wear this stupid thing when I paid to get my hair done?” (My hair was done in poodle curls similar to my grade 8 graduation – maybe i should have kept the headpiece on.

my mother and sister also wanted me to come down the aisle with a huge beige blanket wrapped around me. This was to be a tribute to my dearly departed grandmother who was always warm and comforting. I protested again, not to disrespect Grandma, but because I had paid for my dress and what was the point of that if no one was going to see it?

And on top of all that, Sean wasn’t showing up. I was so ugly at him, and was trying to get him on the phone to yell at him, but I couldn’t reach him.

I think I was also worried of tripping while walking in the blanket, but I guess that’s beside the point, isn’t it?

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