For the last two days there has been an occasional cacophony of yowling, growling and hissing as bucKley gets used to his new friend Jasco. Jasco is our friend Andy’s cat, and they both live with us now. The two cats currently sound like that Jingle Cats music that you hear around Christmas time, but with more growling and hissing. No swipes have been taken yet, but they tend to stick to separate floors so they don’t cross each other’s paths. Jasco is cuddlier than I remember him being – I think he likes having people around. (Andy is a shift worker, and lived alone so the cat was often by himself.) I’m worried that bucKley is getting jealous, and we are trying to pay equal amounts of attention to both cats. It’s hard though, since bucKley has taken to spending most of his day hiding in the basement, coming up only to growl at Jasco and hiss at Andy for bringing this intruder in.

In other news, my sister is now married – the wedding was two week’s ago and all went very well. I was her maid of honour, and she was not a bridezilla. Now I have no excuse to not plan Sean’s and my wedding. However, an island wedding seems to be calling our names. (If you know a Toronto travel agent who can hook us up with something reasonable, let me know – thanks!)

Beyond that, everything in my life is same old, same old. Ridiculously busy at work, still taking night courses (my last course for my DTP diploma ends on Tuesday – must do homework!) and my house is still a disaster. Not as bad as when we were in the apartment, since there is more space now, but still not as clean as I’d like it to be. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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