I’m still here.

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.

I have just been stupid busy. Between some very busy times at work, school (just saw that I got an A+ on my Illustrator II class-yay!), trying to have a life (life? what’s that?), managing life in the new (now not so new) house and planning for the wedding, I’ve been a touch busy. Oh, and my computer was acting up for about three months cuz someone (not me!) bumped a piece of RAM outta position, and my computer would not do much of anything before crashing repeatedly, so I used Sean’s machine for necessities and not much else. Pretty pathetic all around I’d say.

The renewal is coming up for both this domain and my webhosting, and I’m just not ready to give this up yet. I suppose I really should redesign though, or at least update the pictures…I never did put up my San Francisco pics from last year’s trip.

Oh, had I said I was getting married before? I know I said engaged, but now it’s real. The invites went out on Tuesday, and we are getting married on June 26th. I’m not going bridezilla yet, but I’m getting really, really excited. 🙂 things are getting finalized, thanks to my mom, Doug Sean’s mom and my sister, not to mention everyone in the bridal party, and oh yeah, Sean.

My wedding reception is going to have fireworks. That is going to be so frigging cool!

Trying to post more…

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