I just found out that my cat likes to sleep in my pajama drawer. I found this out by grabbing clothes to change into, reaching into the back of the drawer and feeling fur. I pulled the drawer out a little further and there is bucKley, snoozing away.

Our ex-roommate’s cat used to like to open my pajama drawer and paw through it, getting my clothes all over the floor. I didn’t know that bucKley could even open the drawer (it’s on the floor and on mini-casters – it’s part of my bedframe), let alone climb in and have an undetected snooze.

The drawer was closed when I started getting the clothes, so I must have found it open and closed it, not knowing the cat was in there. Sneaky little devil. He might have been upset if he hadn’t been found, but when I did find him, he looked a little perturbed that I had interrupted his nap.

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