I’m tired of this domain name. After over five years of owning geeKsuperstar.org, I don’t feel that I connect with it anymore. I feel like I have to hide it from most people – family and coworkers in particular. I’ve never made a big deal about the site, but I’ve never liked explaining the meaning of “geeKsuperstar” to people. It means something to me, I just don’t want to explain it.

As everyone and the dog gets more interesting in blogs, either opening one themselves or reading others, I don’t like publicizing mine. A way to get around this could be to write under a pseudonym, but I’ve always felt for me, that that would be dishonest. I’ve also always liked the idea of someone Googling my name, finding my site and dropping me an email. There are a lot of people from my past I would love to say hello to, but I have no way of knowing where they are, or who they are now. So I put myself out there, rather than contact other people.

I love having a personal website. However, it’s been really neglected for close to three years – really since I started working at my current job. My job is much more job-like now, and I don’t have time to update here multiple times a day like I used to. Even once a day is hard cuz I don’t always like turning on the computer once I get home – I’ve sat at a computer all day at work, why would I want to do that all night at home too, even if it is for a project that is all mine?

I want to buy a new domain. I even know what domain name I want. Problem, is, I can’t seem to find the cash to purchase it among all the other things that one needs to purchase. I’m also afraid that if I purchase it, I still won’t update and that it won’t be worth my money.

I’ve said to myself that I would buy the name in the new year, no matter what my credit card statement looks like. I really like having an outlet that’s my own, and I want to continue it.

Now that I’ve put this in writing, I hope that I will commit to it. I should probably do the truly geeky thing and put a reminder in my email or something “January 1st, 2006 – buy new domain – start new internet life!” Or something like that.

Edited to add: I had forgotten that I had posted an entry with similar content that never got published. At least my thought pattern is consistent.

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