I just went out to take pictures of my clematis plant that finally got some flowers on it. What I didn’t know was that all the blooms had died off and I missed my chance! I’m hoping it’s going to bloom again this summer, but I’m not sure if it will or not. It will be a healthier plant next year, but what a heartbreaker to miss capturing it’s first blooms in pictures. They were so pretty!

I’m a little disappointed in my garden this year. A lot of the flowers just aren’t blooming like they should be. I have a flower garden along the west side of my house that is very shady due to a tree being there as well. Everyone I’ve talked to tells me to put in hostas and impatiens and I do. Then they don’t do much of anything. The hostas are just so slow!

I should probably admit that I probably haven’t been giving my garden as much care as it needs. I’ve been way too busy at work lately to give much thought to the garden when I get home. I’ve had to water the plants in the dark a few times, so it’s hard to see progress then. I haven’t fertilized it once this year (discovered I was out of Miracle-Gro and haven’t picked up more yet). I’ve weeded a couple of times but the weeds keep coming back. (Why is it that the weeds can flourish quite happily and the stuff I want just plods along?)

On a good note, thanks to all the rain we’ve had, I haven’t had to water a whole lot lately and my tomatoes and pepper plants are looking healthy. My coneflowers out front are starting to bloom, and they are really tall and bushy. I’m hoping that once I get some fertilizer and do a good weed job, the plants will look better. The season is far from over. When things perk up then I’ll take some pictures.

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