Switching to Vox

If switching to Vox goes well, this could be a huge change in my online presence (online presence! way to sound like an internet rockstar instead of a dork with a website!). I’ve had a website in some shape or form since 1999. I’ve had my own domain and hosting since 2000, so I have always had control of my own website, although I’ve used Blogger to maintain my blog.

So moving to an externally hosted site is really different for me. And a little scary – I’m not sure if I want to give up complete control. However, as I continue to think about it, switching to a free blog host makes more sense. I don’t create as much content as I would like, so paying for hosting my own domain seems silly sometimes. Since my web design skills have gone down the toilet due to lack of use, it’s not like I need for the hosting for doing creative things design-wise. It’s nice to be able to click a few times and have something nice to look at (and the layouts here are quite spiffy). That way, I can concentrate on creating interesting content. Interesting of course, being in the mind of the beholder.

I really like the sense of community here. And that there are things like “Question of the Day” and “Vox Hunt” that can give you a starting point for a good post when you are sick of posting things like “too busy at work”, “house is a mess” and other phrases that lead to uninteresting content.

My only major problem is that I don’t know what to do with the last six years of archives from my previous sites. I don’t want to pay to host them somewhere if they are only up for posterity, and it doesn’t look like I can export ’em here. A lot of the content is drivel, but there are some interesting things in there, and it does show some progression in my life. hmm…I wonder if republishing to a new blogspot account and just letting it sit there would be a good idea. Then I could link to that site from here and if someone wanted to look at the old stuff, they could. I can’t imagine that many people would really want to look at posts I made six years ago, but taking it down makes me feel like I am ashamed of it, which I am not.

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