Vox Hunt: Look Outside

Show us the view outside your window.
Submitted by Cat.

This is the view from my cubicle at work. Last Friday, my view was really popular as we watched a woman whipping bikers with an extension cord (or something like that – we’re eight floors up and it was hard to tell). Once the bikers were sufficiently punished, she began sweeping the sidewalk with a mini broom and dustpan. Then she went back to harassing bikers, although one biker may have been taunting her a bit, but since we were watching her from above with no sound, it was hard to tell. We watched her for 15-20 minutes, but after seeing her run into traffic a couple of times to get the bikers, one of my coworkers thought we should call the police since she could have really hurt herself or someone else.

Unfortunately, the cops didn’t actually catch her doing it, so we couldn’t watch that conversation, which could have gotten really interesting if she started whipping cops.

On a more subdued note, this is the view from the subway between my stop and the stop before it. I like looking out the window here since it looks out on a park, and it’s neat to see the juxtaposition of city life and nature.
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