transparent, yet plausible

Today’s occurrence of Friday the 13th wasn’t too bad. Things didn’t go snakey at work, which tends to happen on Fridays no matter what the date is. Once people realize that they are going to be away from the office for two days, they realize they must! get! that! thing! done! right! now! so it can be ready for first thing on Monday morning when nobody has time to look at it cuz they have all sorts of other stuff to do. Don’t rush guys – people will give your work more thought on Tuesday once the initial barrage has passed.

Friday the 13th makes me think of the concept “transparent, yet plausible”. I coined this phrase back in highschool after telling a friend that I wished the guy I liked (and hardly knew so had no real reason to talk to him) a happy Friday the 13th. She thought I was being ridiculous, but I said that it was transparent, yet plausible, meaning that it was a legitimate wish of goodwill, but the reason behind that wish was not necessarily to spread goodwill but to show this guy that I was a fun, creative, wacky kind of girl and he should get to know me better.

That didn’t work, but the phrase and concept stay with me. I still like to use it, just not to pick up boys who wouldn’t know transparent, yet plausible if it punched ’em in the head.

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