I made some soap for the first time in a few months today. The first batch turned out okay, but unfortunately the soapbase I bought doesn’t reheat well after it’s been melted once and it warped one of my favourite molds when I poured it in. It’s a real bummer since I really liked the mold, and now it’s wrecked. I can replace it, but that’s money I really didn’t want to spend.

I really want to get into making soap regularly again, but since I have four pounds of base I don’t like, and I want all sorts of new fragrances, I need to spend some money to perk up my soaps. Of course, I only want to spend money when I don’t have any to spend. I need to start buying Christmas presents and since I don’t think I’m giving soap to anyone this year, soapmaking supplies shouldn’t be high on the spending priority list.

My inner child is screaming “But I waaaaannnt it!” in my head. That child makes me nuts sometimes.

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