Vox Hunt: It Makes Me Nostalgic

Show us something that makes you nostalgic.
Submitted by ngocaroo.

This is a picture of my family that was taken when I was four or five years old, so it was 1982 or 1983 (remind me to ask my mom sometime – isn’t that awful that I’m not sure!). My dad, Marty is holding my sister Kyla, and I’m sitting next to my mom, Faye. I even had that huge toothy grin then.

This picture makes me nostalgic cuz it feels like a completely different life. My father died 15 years ago, and while I was old enough to remember him for the rest of my life, the details get fuzzy sometimes, and that makes me sad.

My mom told me once that I would have gotten along with my father really well if he had known me as an adult. I was just heading into TeenageGirlLand when he died (just before I turned 13), so I was probably becoming pretty weird to him. I just wish I could have found out.

This is a picture taken on my wedding day. Kyla was my matron of honour, and my mom Faye and my stepdad Doug hosted the reception at their home.

I’ve only been married since June 2004, so this picture doesn’t make me nostalgic yet, but it does show the passage of time, and how things can change so quickly.

I love my stepdad very much, but sometimes I just wish my father had been there too.

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