QotD: All My Computers

How many computers do you have in your house?
Submitted by Foomper.

There are three computers in my house. Mine, Sean’s and Sean’s old computer. We want to go wireless, but we don’t have the disposable cash to do it, so I have to be careful that I don’t trip on wires that connect our computers to the cable modem, since they go right across my office doorway along the floor.

Sean is trying to turn his old computer into a media centre so he bought an external hard drive to take stuff from the main machine in his office into the basement where the old one is plugged in. Apparently, it was cheaper to buy the drive to go up and downstairs rather than invest in wireless for the entire house. Since we don’t have laptops, it’s really not a huge issue, other than tripping over wires.

Personally, I will be happy when we convert the old ‘puter into a karaoke machine, cuz he found a bunch of cool karaoke songs that I am dying to sing but we haven’t worked out the hookup to the TV yet, and we are too cheap to buy a machine to do it the easy, but expensive way.

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