Here's hoping I don't flood the subway

I have a pelvic ultrasound is at 9:15 today so I am sitting at the computer drinking my 32oz (950mL for us Canadians) of water. Here’s hoping I don’t pee my pants on the subway. Last time I had this test, I had to make a pit stop along the way. It was a desperate situation since I peed in a bathroom at the Yonge/Bloor subway station – eww! Worried that I couldn’t take the test after my releasing of water, I started drinking water again. By the time I had the exam, they told me my bladder was actually too full! Aargh! So I guess I’ll just sit like a lady on the train today and suffer.

I’m not pregnant so don’t get too excited about this. I’ve been having pain near my right ovary, and I thought it was a cyst (I’ve had them before). I went to my doctor and she said she didn’t feel anything, but an ultrasound would know for sure. She also told me that I could have a tilted uterus. I went all goggle-eyed and said “they move?” cuz I always thought tilted uteri were something you were born with. This is despite the rumour I heard in highschool about the girl who got a tilted uterus after sleeping with a guy who was rumoured to be quite hung. I didn’t believe that rumour then or now, but apparently the uterus can move around in there and press on other parts. Silly uterus, quit squirming in there!

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