I've been a busy bee

Since Monday, I’ve been spending my evenings preparing the bathroom for its paint job. Since I’m only doing a couple of hours a night, it’s been a long drawn-out process. However, much progress has been made since Sunday. The following has been done.

  • My stepdad put a new sink and tap into our vanity on Sunday. It is very spiffy. I did recaulk it though since he used caulking for windows and doors and it ended up looking lumpy. So it was a team effort, albeit a lopsided effort.
  • The medicine cabinet and cupboards have been cleaned out and organized. I threw out a *lot* of stuff that we we were never going to use.
  • I removed the hooks I had on the door, the hardware for a broken shaving mirror from the wall, and a towel rack. I got to use a hammer for the last one, so I got my destructive fix met by this step.
  • I’ve been patching holes and peeling spots like mad. I’m waiting for the last of them to try so I can prime them, but that may end up happening tomorrow.
  • I picked a shower curtain that I really like, matches the room, *and* Sean is okay with it, so I’m going to buy it tomorrow. I’m not used to us picking things out so quickly and with so much agreement. We settled on a paint colour really quickly too. Usually we pick different stuff and neither one of us will budge until a compromise is met, so this job has went really well that way.

I still have to take one more shelf off the wall and do a good scrubdown of the walls and trim. Then painting can begin. I really want it to get done in one weekend, so here’s hoping for that.

If I am smart, we’ll take some pictures during this process (we haven’t yet), but I’ll definitely post finished pictures of the bathroom.

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