Why did I decide to do this again?

I’ve finally started getting down to business. I’ve spot-primed the spackled spots (spackled spots, what a funny phrase!) and I’m waiting for the one on the ceiling to dry so I can paint the ceiling. I’m hoping to finish the ceiling tonight so I can paint the walls tomorrow. Then I can do the door and trim either later on Saturday or on Sunday.That allows me to have the room back together on Sunday night so we can shower for work on Monday.

I really don’t want to be paint the ceiling. I don’t really want to paint the trim either. I hadn’t planned to do either until my mother said “you really do have to do those if you want to do a good job”. I know my mom is right, but that’s more work than I initially planned for. I don’t know why it’s bugging me so much – the ceiling and trim are the two smallest parts of this job. They’re just so finicky to do.

I bought the last major things to complete the bathroom’s look and feel (I just can’t say “decor”). Got the shower curtain I planned on, the towel hooks I wanted (apparently, I am on trend with this one), and a new bath mat now that the old one won’t match. I planned ahead and bought it in white so it will match everything. Wonder how long it will take before it is a grody kind of gray.

Well, I just checked and the primer on the ceiling is pretty much dry, so I guess I better stop procrastinating now. Warm thoughts would be appreciated.

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