It's done!

The bathroom is done! I’m thrilled with how it turned out, although I know I’ll be agonizing over every mistake and doing small touch-ups for at least a week. But it’s done. Everything is put back and cleaned up and bathing can be done without stepping in a paint can.

The funny part is that my mom phoned me this morning and told me that she had a day off on Tuesday, and did I want her to come up and paint it for me? I shocked her when I told her that I was almost finished the job cuz she knew I dreaded doing it. My mom is like that, and I don’t like taking advantage of it too much cuz it’s easy to grow dependent on someone else doing all the work.

Well, I promised pictures, so here they are:

This was the colour I had in the bathroom before I painted. I loved this colour – it was so cheerful. However, I did a horrible paint job when I put this on, so I don’t really miss it now. Sean thought it looked like Kraft Dinner, but I thought it was too orange for that – maybe Extra Creamy no-name macaroni and cheese, but not regular KD.

This is it! It’s really hard to take a decent picture in my bathroom cuz it’s so small (I’m sitting on the floor beside the toilet to capture this shot). Since the flash is bouncing off the glass shelf, it’s throwing things off a bit. The green is not quite that blue-tinged. It’s very spring-y to me, and kinda like the blades of grass on my Vox banner if that helps. The hooks are a new thing (I actually scraped some paint off while putting this up, so that’s one of my touchups – aargh!)

These are my new sink, bathmat and shower curtain. Again, the bathroom is so small, it’s hard to capture everything individually so here’s a bit of everything all at once. The shower curtain does have some green in it, so it does match. I like the bright colours though – it’s feels so cheerful, and the white fixtures and trim really set them off.

I know I’ve posted pictures of these bars of soap before, but I’m posting them again cuz they look so nice against the green. I also wanted to prove that I do use my own soaps – they aren’t just decoration. (Wait a minute – this picture doesn’t really prove that at all, since they are sitting here as decorations. But I don’t think a picture of a used bar of soap is necessary.)

I’m really proud of myself. I did a lot of work to get things the way I wanted them. Oh, and Sean did help, but he did stuff like holding or screwing in shelves when I had trouble with them, and checking the walls for orange spots (at those points, all I could see was spots so I needed the extra eye). He also did the final hardware store run this morning. Most importantly, he made sure that I got most of the paint off of me – I always get covered in it.

I’m so glad it’s done. Even if there are still touchups to do.

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