QotD: Here, Take My Order

What is your favorite kind of bagel and what do you put on it?
Submitted by Nacwolin.

I’m not a bagel aficionado, but I like sesame bagels with swiss cheese. I usually only get these while I’m working and I’m sick of my daily oatmeal breakfast. I like cream cheese on a bagel too, but most places put on too much. (and I love cheese in any form, so that says something!) This one place near my work had garlic cream cheese that was wonderful, but it always felt weird to come back from my breakfast run with an onion bagel with enough garlic cream cheese on it to out-stink the smelliest lunch – all before 10AM!

But now I’m hankering for dill/cucumber or spinach/feta cream cheese – maybe I need to shake up my routines!

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