QotD: Superbowl Sunday

What are your Superbowl plans? What’s your prediction and why?
Submitted by danatmedog.

Football’s the game with the pointy ball right?

That’s my answer for any football-related question directed at me. It’s a tired joke, but it’s my joke so I’ll continue to use it. As for actual plans, what I’m doing this afternoon depends on where Sean decides to watch the game. If he watches it in the basement (or as I like to call it, “the den of sloth”), I’ll probably watch some movies I PVR’d this weekend (Airheads, Tommy and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). If he decides to watch it in the living room where the PVR and big TV are, I’ll probably spend most of my time upstairs in my office playing around online. However, these are not firm plans so maybe I’ll shake things up and do something crazy like read a book or something.

My prediction is that the game will run late and that Prince will be the highlight. Although honestly, I wouldn’t have put Prince and football in the same sentence together until I heard he was playing the halftime show. Here’s hoping any doves released during the “When Doves Cry” part of the medley don’t get hit by the Duff Budweiser Blimp. Here’s also hoping that Prince plays a medley so this part of the post doesn’t looks stupid tomorrow.

Edited to add: well, it was a medley, but fortunately, no doves were hurt during said medley. I did lose my argument with Sean about Prince playing a Foo Fighters song – I didn’t expect that. I’m glad I didn’t bet money or I would have been eating my hat.

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