Vox Hunt: It’s In The Bag

Show us what’s in your bag.
Submitted by Pants Party.

I love this purse. Life is too short for all black all the time. It makes wearing red clothing a little bit difficult so I avoid it, but occasional clothes-clashing never really hurt anyone.

The top of it is starting to get a little ratty though. The strap pulls and I have cracks in it. They only show when it’s stretched, but it ticks me off cuz I spent over $50 on this purse back in September (no designer handbag vixen here!), and it shouldn’t be that beat up yet.

A friend of mine saw this purse recently and told me that this was the purse that Batman would carry. I told him that he’s probably carry the black version. He said that wasn’t what he meant – it was all the utility pockets. When I went shopping with my parents, my stepdad said he really liked it cuz it was like a beacon and he could always find me in the store.


This is what’s in my purse. Nothing too exciting here. Wallet, notebook and pen, cell phone, and a bunch of papers that need to be taken out. The outside/Batman pockets hold my subway pass and keys (my rule for purses is that those two items must be easily accessible), my mp3 player and some glasses cleaner. I still have an empty utility pocket that occasionally holds earplugs for when I go to concerts.The inside pocket holds the usual stuff – mirror, lipstick, lip balm and meds for minor emergencies. I think there’s also a watch battery in there from awhile back which I should really take out since I haven’t worn a watch in over a year. I really need to clean out my purse, but instead of doing that, I chose to write about the contents instead. And I wonder why the material is cracking!

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