nothing's fun unless it's complicated

Yesterday, I was craving chocolate like you would not believe. I had no money in my pocket, and couldn’t justify a bank machine run just to buy candy. I decided to ask Sean if he would pick up some M&Ms for me on the way home from work. To make his trip even more worthwhile, I decided to add tomatoes to my request. I politely emailled him my request, and was shocked when I got “no” as my one-word reply.

Undeterred, I picked up the phone and called him.

“What do you mean, no???” I asked. Couldn’t he sense the underlying urgency in my benignly-worded request? I don’t get chocolate cravings often (I’m normally a salty-snack kind of girl) so when they do occur, I usually take them pretty seriously.

Well, apparently, he had no money in his pocket either, and did not want to end up overspending by going to the grocery store to pick up two items that quickly turn into twenty. After a quick discussion discussing our financial situations. (When did need for an M&M run turn into a forensic audit of our finances?) Sean finally agreed to pick up some tomatoes, “because maybe they’d have some rotten ones on sale that they’re trying to get rid of”. He also agreed to pick up the M&Ms since he’d heard that there was a bad batch of them out there – “they had W’s on them instead of M’s”.

By the time I got off the phone, I’d been laughing so hard, I was crying. This was an especially impressive feat since I was trying to be as quiet as possible since I was at work and I didn’t want to have to explain myself when I hung up.

When I got home, the tomatoes and M&Ms were on the table. The M&Ms actually had 3’s on them, so I hope he got ’em on sale.

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