QotD: I Was Sold

Have you ever purchased something from an infomercial?
Submitted by Colleen.

I’ve never purchased something from an actual informercial, but Sean and I did purchase our first George Foreman Grill from the Shopping Channel back in 1998 or 99. I loved that thing, and we got a new one as a wedding present, which we still use regularly. (The old one didn’t break, we just wanted to upgrade!)

I do like watching infomercials for cooking products. If Sean or I catch one on TV, we end up watching it and thinking that we should purchase whatever it is. Then we talk ourselves out of it, since the items are almost always sold in US dollars. The infomercials always portray the items as so versatile and cook things so fast! And it’s the only kitchen appliance you’ll ever need! At least that’s how the products work on TV. And we both know that when the item finally comes, we’re going to be disappointed as its less-than-perfect results, and its less-than-usefulness. We still watch them though. Maybe one item will come through and be another Foreman Grill. Maybe we’re just hungry and like watching the food cook.

In a real-life example, my mother-in-law bought us one of those Pasta Magic sets last year, and I tried it a few times, and it didn’t really work. I can’t tell if it was a user-error or a product error. Maybe it was a knockoff of the original As Seen On TV product, and therefore unusable. Either way, the canisters are still sitting on my dishwasher, and I don’t know if I should give ’em one more try or just get rid of them.

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