QotD: My Daily Dose

What websites do you visit every day?
Submitted by Chez Michelle.

This question feels almost too personal to answer. No two people are going to have the exact same list. I guess that’s our digital fingerprint.

Here are the highlights of my list:

  • Yahoo! Mail (obvious)
  • Vox (also obvious – I blog here, although I don’t write every day)
  • Facebook (I’m amazed at how addicting this site is and just how many people I know are on it!)
  • PerezHilton (I don’t have to buy the gossip rags anymore thanks to online gossip sites!)
  • Ask Metafilter (user-submitted advice on pretty much anything. You never know what you’ll learn here)
  • Google/Google News (I have to find out about non-celebrity news somewhere)
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