RSI should stand for "real stupid injury" because it is self-inflicted

I went for a massage last night for the first time since December of last year. My wrist, elbow and shoulder have been bothering me lately, and I wanted to make sure all my recent heavy computer use wasn’t giving me RSI’s. (Things have been crazy at work lately, and my recent discovery of Facebook hasn’t helped.) I went to a clinic I had never been to before, and really liked the RMT they assigned for my appointment. She explained things she was doing and asked lots of questions. She made a lot of observations about my body in relation to the soreness I’ve been feeling.

Apparently most of the pain is originating from my neck, which comes from poor posture at the computer (big surprise there). I knew I was going to be sore today, but I cannot believe how sore my neck and shoulders were today. It even went up to my head and gave me a nasty headache for most of the afternoon. She recommended that I come back in two weeks and once all the major kinks and pains work themselves out, I can then come monthly for maintenance. I’m not averse to getting monthly massages (in fact, I quite like the idea), but I hope my insurance doesn’t run out too soon. I’d like to get these treatments covered for as long as I can.

Consider this a friendly reminder to take frequent short breaks away from the computer. Even if you are just going to the bathroom or having a smoke/fresh-air break. Getting up and walking around and changing your position really does make a difference.

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