My plants are finally in!

I need to take more pictures of my garden, but here is a start.

This is the biggest gerber daisy plant I have ever seen. This picture does not really capture the largeness, but it does capture the beauty of the daisy. Gerbers are a favourite of mine since they are such large, happy plants.

Here is a picture of the full arrangement including the daisies so you can get a feel for just how big that plant is.

This is the third year that this clematis has been in the ground. This is the healthiest it has ever been. I love clematis so this makes me really happy. I am looking forward to the flowering and hope to actually photograph the blooms this time. (by the time I got to it last year, the blooms had all died off.)

There are other pictures on my Flickr site, but these are the most interesting ones. I hope to get more flower and plant pictures up soon.

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