New Glasses!

My new glasses came in today. They are a week ahead of schedule so I will be able to show them off for my family at our annual girl’s weekend on Friday. When sharing news with people you haven’t seen in a year, it’s always better to say “I got new glasses – have a look” versus “I’m getting new glasses, but you won’t see them until next year and they won’t be new anymore so it won’t really matter.”

I always worry that I’m going to change my mind and not like them after not seeing them for a few days. Fortunately that didn’t happen today. I am completely enamored of my new specs!

Here are some pictures (thanks Sean!):

This is my second pair of prescription sunglasses. It seems like an over-the-top expense, but they’re great for driving. My glasses are for distance, so I really shouldn’t drive without them. The prescription sunglasses really make a difference, especially in the summer.

Never mind that they’re just so cute!

Now, if only my benefits claim would hurry up and go through.

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