Good eatin' at my house this week

Sean was in New Brunswick this week visiting his relatives. He came back Thursday evening with this little guy. Sean’s family sells lobster so he always brings back several precooked lobsters so we can have a seafood fix without paying crazy Toronto restaurant prices.

Pinchy (named after Homer Simpson’s lobster from episode AABF03) was split between Sean and I for dinner tonight. Thursday night we ate surf and turf with our friends Jason and Amanda, who were staying at our place while they were on vacation in Toronto. We felt very decadent, and the lobster was enjoyed by all. (Neither Jason nor Amanda had ever had it before, so we were extra happy that they enjoyed it.)

Sean also brought back some shrimp, scallops, mackerel and I think clams, but none of that brings the same decadent feeling that lobster does. I guess that comes with living in a land-locked province.

Here is another picture of Pinchy. I put my arm up next to him so you can get an idea of the size. This was a really big lobster!

Definitely not an everyday meal around here, but awfully tasty when it does happen.

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