Birthday fun

I’ve been singing this song all week, even though my name isn’t Lisa.

However, it is my birthday today. I’ve been singing the song in preparation for it and now it’s finally here.

I turned 29 today for those of you that are wondering. Not a significant milestone since it’s not divisible by five, but sort of a big birthday since 30 is right around the corner now.

I’ve had a really great day. I did spend the bulk of my day at work, but since it was a Friday before a long weekend, I was able to leave early since the office was a bit of a ghost town by that point. I was supposed to be super busy doing all sorts of last minute stuff, but things ended up being done really quickly or put off till next week – rock! I took advantage of the extra time and took the subway up to meet Sean at one of our favourite restaurants for my birthday dinner. We both came home very satisfied, and we’ve been chilling out at home ever since.

I got lots of great, thoughtful presents from my family and friends (thank you all!). Sean really spoiled me this year. He bought me a new camera (which I have been drooling over for awhile now), the four Harry Potter books I didn’t have and tonight’s dinner. He was so excited to give me the camera, he gave it to me on Monday night “so I’d know how to use it by the time my birthday came”. My parents sent me money which I intend to spend on clothes tomorrow. My aunt and uncle also sent me money, which I spent on a memory card for the camera. Sean’s mom gave me a beautiful set of earrings which I have been wearing for awhile now since she gave them to me early. My friend Carrie gave me movie gift certificates which I will save for something special I want to see.

I’ve also gotten lots of really nice birthday phonecalls, messages on Facebook and in person. Those kind messages mean a lot to me and I am so thankful to have such thoughtful friends and family. I hope I can be such a good friend back to all of you!

Love and hugs to all!

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